Wallet cache viewer

This feature is intended for developers and Monero users curious to learn more about the internal datastructure of wallet2.

Caution: This dialog can display sensitive information.

To access the wallet cache viewer go to Wallet → Advanced → Wallet cache debug.


datastructure description
m_blockchain List of blockhashes.
m_transfers Outputs we have received. Shown in the Coins tab.
m_key_images Key image cache. Map: key image → m_transfers index. Sorted by index for readability.
m_pub_keys Pub key cache. Map: pub key → m_transfers index. Sorted by index for readability.
m_address_book Contacts. Shown in the Send tab.
m_unconfirmed_payments Unconfirmed incoming transactions.
m_payments Confirmed incoming transactions.
m_unconfirmed_txs Unconfirmed outgoing transactions.
m_confirmed_txs Confirmed outgoing transactions.
m_tx_keys Map: txid → tx key.
m_additional_tx_keys List of additional tx keys for each outgoing tx
m_tx_notes Transaction descriptions
m_scanned_pool_txs List of mempool transactions we have already scanned.
m_subaddresses Map: address key → <major index>,<minor index>
m_subaddress_labels Map: <major index>,<minor index> → label
m_account_tags Account labels. Map: <account index> → label
m_attributes Custom wallet attributes. Map: str → str

Datastructures not displayed in the viewer:

m_account_public_address, m_ring_history_saved, m_last_block_reward, m_tx_device, m_device_last_key_image_sync, m_cold_key_images, m_rpc_client_secret_key.

Feather wallet attributes: