Installing Feather on Linux

Using TailsOS? See the instructions here instead.


Download the latest AppImage for Linux from

After the download is complete, make sure to allow executing the file as a program. You can often find this setting in the Properties → Permissions tab in your file explorer. Alternatively, run chmod +x feather-x.x.x.AppImage in a terminal.

You should now be able to run the AppImage by double clicking on the file in a file explorer. If that does not work, try right clicking on the file, and look for “Run” or “Open”. Alternatively, you can start Feather by typing ./feather-x.x.x.AppImage in a terminal.

Having trouble getting Feather to start? Please contact the developers.

Arch Linux

Feather is available on the AUR.

Installation with yay

yay -S monero-feather-git


git clone
cd monero-feather-git
makepkg -si

Want to help package Feather for your distribution? Join us in #feather on OFTC.