How to create a view-only wallet

A view-only wallet is a special type of wallet that can only see incoming transactions. If your wallet has outgoing transactions, the balance displayed will not be correct. To get a correct balance in a view-only wallet, you have to import the accompanying key images of each output of the wallet.

To learn more about view-only wallets, its limitations and usecases, see this.

From an existing wallet

Go to Wallet → View-Only. Click Create view-only wallet. Enter a name for your wallet, and click Save. Optionally, enter a password for your view-only wallet.

From keys

In the wizard select Restore wallet from keys. Enter the wallet’s primary address and secret view key, click Next.

On the next page, enter the restore height or wallet creation date. Follow through the rest of the wizard like normal.

Exporting key images from the spend wallet

Go to Wallet → Advanced → Export → Key Images. Enter a name for the file, and click Save.

Importing key images

Go to Wallet → Advanced → Import → Key Images. Select the _keyImages file to open, a dialog should pop up informing you that the import was successful.

Coins with a known key image will show an Eye icon in the Coins tab.