How to create/restore a wallet from a hardware device

Make sure your hardware device is connected to your computer.

Ledger: Open the Monero app on your device.
Trezor: Unlock the device.

If you are using Linux, make sure you have applied the appropriate udev rules to allow device access:


If the wizard isn’t already open in Feather, go to File → New/Restore.

In the wizard, select Create wallet from hardware device.

On the next page, select the device type. If your device isn’t listed here, it is not (yet) supported. You can also find the list of supported devices, here.

Select Create new wallet file from device, if:

Select Restore a wallet from device, if

If you selected Restore wallet from device, you will now be asked to enter the wallet restore height. If you don’t know your restore height, enter the date you purchased the hardware device in the Wallet creation date field. A restore height will automatically be calculated from the entered date.

Proceed through the wizard by choosing a name for your wallet files and setting a password.