Transaction Fee

Feather automatically adjusts the transaction fee based on the number of transactions in the mempool. This behavior is identical to the “automatic” fee option in the GUI.

Can I manually select the fee-tier?

Yes. In the settings, go to the transactions tab and enable “manual fee-tier selection”. A selection box will appear on the Send tab.

My outgoing transaction still hasn’t confirmed, what can I do?

First, make sure the transaction shows up in a block explorer. You can do this by entering the txid into

If the transaction does not show up, try rebroadcasting the transaction by following the steps here.

If the transaction shows up, all you can do is wait. Your transaction should be included in a block soon, unless an atypical network event is ongoing (e.g. spam attack, network upgrade, etc). Check any of the Monero community hangouts for more information.

Who receives the transaction fee?

The fee is paid to the miner that mines the block that includes the transaction. The Feather developers do not take a cut from the transaction fee.