How to sweep outputs

Make sure the Coins tab is enabled: View → Show Coins.

On the Coins tab, select one or more outputs to sweep. To select multiple outputs hold the Ctrl-key.

Right-click on a selected output → Sweep Output(s). A new dialog will open.

In the Address field, enter the address you want to sweep the coins to. Alternatively, check “Send to self (churn)” to send the output to your primary address.

By specifying the number of outputs, you may split the total sum of the selected outputs into a new number of outputs of equal amounts. The maximum number of outputs that can be created in a transaction is 16. This is a Monero protocol limitation.

What is a sweep

A sweep transaction creates no change outputs. The total value of the sweeped coins is transferred to the destination address (minus miner fee).

When to sweep

Sweeping may be useful in the following scenarios:

For regular spending use the Send tab. To send you entire balance, use the “Max” button on the Send tab.