How to export the transaction history

Go to Wallet → History → Export CSV. Enter a filename, and click Save.

The transaction history is a CSV file with the following schema:

field type example description
blockHeight integer 2317852 Block that included the transaction
timestamp integer 1615848678 Unix timestamp of when the block was mined (roughly)
date string 2021-03-15T23:51:18Z ISO 8601 formatted
accountIndex integer 0 Account index that tx was sent from or received to. Note: Transactions sent between accounts will show up multiple times.
direction string out “in” for incoming transactions, “out” for outgoing transactions. Churn transactions are considered outgoing.
balanceDelta float -0.202417740000 Total change in balance as a result of the transaction. Value is negative for outgoing transactions.
amount float 0.202400000000 Total amount that was received or sent in this transaction. Does not include the transaction fee. Shows 0 for churn transactions. Value is absolute.
fee float 0.000017740000 The network fee that was paid for the transaction. Note: For incoming transactions this fee was paid by the sender.
txid string 449f065…876206 Transaction ID. (Example shortened for readability.)
description string Donation to Monero Core Transaction description
paymentID string   Payment ID. Usually blank.
fiatAmount float 20.2 Amount is always rounded to 3 significant digits. Shows “?” if value cannot be calculated.
fiatCurrency string USD Fiat currency