How to change the wallet password

Before proceeding, make sure you have your seed written down or stored securely. Without the seed there is no way to recover your wallet if you lose your password.

To change your wallet password go to Wallet → Password or click the lock icon in the statusbar.

It is recommended to set a strong password or passphrase generated with a password manager, such as KeePassXC.

After changing the password your wallet files will be re-encrypted with the new password.

Moving from an insecure password

Saving the wallet files with a new password in many cases does not overwrite the physical bits on the storage device, leaving the old wallet files intact and recoverable (e.g. through filesystem metadata, file carving, snapshots or other ways). If your wallet was previously encrypted with a weak password (or none at all) this may pose a security risk depending on your treat model.

Please note: wallet recovery is heavily dependent on file system, storage device and operating system. No standard solution exists and recovery attempts are not supported by the Feather developers.