Recovering a damaged Polyseed

Use this guide if you are trying to restore your wallet from seed, but your seed phrase is damaged or incomplete.

Common scenarios

The Seed Recovery tool can’t help you if you don’t know the order of the seed words.

Before you begin

This tool is can only help recover Polyseeds.

Check the wordlist

If the handwriting is unintelligible or obscured it might help to look at the wordlist in order to determine what was written:

If you can’t unambiguously identify a word, go to the next step.

Use the Seed Recovery tool

To access the Seed Recovery tool, click ‘Restore wallet from seed’ on the main menu. On the next page, press ‘Ctrl + K’.

Enter each word you know in the correct box. Regex is supported for partial words.


Click ‘Check’ to start the recovery. Recovery will take exponentially longer the more information is missing. In some cases, recovery is infeasible. Wait until the progress bar is full or click ‘Cancel’ if the search is taking too long.

If the tool reports that the word is not in the wordlist: